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Will Peter Chiarelli Make Bold Moves?

The Edmonton Oilers have given full control of the Oilers to Peter Chiarelli, naming him President of Hockey Operations and General Manager. Chiarelli is going to take a few weeks to assess the team and players to see exactly where his positions of strength and weakness are before making any moves, but he will make moves. Given his track record of making big trades in Boston I think we can expect a big trade or two this summer.

The Weaknesses

The weaknesses on the Oilers are pretty obvious, they need a starting goalie and they need a couple of top pairing defensemen if they want a shot at making the playoffs next season. They may have an opportunity to get a piece or two via free agency but typically that requires an overpayment and I’m not sure thats a good idea in Edmonton so I expect Chiarelli to make a couple of trades to fill these areas.

The Strengths

The Oilers have a lot of young skilled forwards that other teams would covet very highly. Its been a topic of hot debate amongst Oilers fan and the media whether or not the Oilers should trade one of the young stars to bring in a missing piece and I think now is the time.

Connor McDavid is on his way to Edmonton and he will really change the complexion of the top 6, for the first time is recent memory the Oilers will have some depth at C but it really isn’t a position that they should be trading from. They have McDavid, Nuge, Lander, Drai and Gordon which is a fine depth chart imo but there isn’t enough depth there to make a trade and still expect to be successful.

On the wing however they do have a position of strength to deal from, any one of Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle or Nail Yakupov could on the move. Its much easier to fill in holes on the wing than it is at Center or Defense which is why I think there is a good chance that Chiarelli will move one of those players.

Another area of strength the team has is on the farm club, there are a few young defensemen in the system who look to have a pretty good shot at a successful NHL career who could be bundled with other players or picks to bring in a top end player.

The Extra Pieces

If Chiarelli can manage to bring in a couple of top pairing or even top 4 defensemen there will be a couple of guys he may be trying to dump, mainly Nikita Nikitin, Andrew Ferrence and Justin Shultz. The Nikitin trade and signing is one of the black marks on MacT’s resume, he is clearly not capable of playing top 4 minutes on an NHL team but MacT paid him like one and marketed him as one as well. If Chiarelli can move the contract or even buy out Nikitin it will go a long way to helping the Oilers manage the salary cap.

When Andrew Ferrence became a UFA in Boston Chiarelli was in no hurry to sign him so he came to Edmonton to collect a handsome salary and be named captain of the team. I expect Chiarelli will be able to move Ferrence either in the summer or at some point during the season.

The other name I have here is future Norris candidate Justin Shultz. Shultz has not progressed since joining the Oilers and it can be argued that he has actually regressed. At this point he’s at best a 3rd pairing defensemen but he’s getting paid like a top 4 and Chiarelli will either see his issues and move him for a more useful piece or see his potential and put him in a position that he can learn the game and succeed.

The Vision

It was clear from watching the press conference of Chiarelli’s hiring that he feels the Oilers need to be a ‘heavier’ team, he talked about teams that play heavy and win battles but are not necessarily really big players. He communicated very well that they need to work much harder on and off the ice and need to find the right mix of players to bring speed and size. Would trading a player like Jordan Eberle or Nail Yakupov for a top 4 defensemen and replacing them with a player more similar to Benoit Pouliot who can play a heavy game and still compliment his highly skilled linemates be a step in the right direction?

Hold on Oilers fans, we may be in for a summer full of debate, excitement and (hopefully not) regret. I expect to see a much different Oilers team in training camp than we’ve seen to finish the 2014/15 season.

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Oilers Sign Tkachev …. Or Not!

UPDATE: The NHL has ruled that the entry level contract that the Oilers have signed with Tkachev is ineligible due to the fact that he did not play a full season in the North America last season. Tkachev will re-enter the draft next season because Oilers.

The Oilers have signed Vladdy Hockey to a 3 year entry level contract this morning. The move will most likely turn alot of heads because of Tkachev’s size (he’s reportedly only 141 lbs) but I’m thrilled they could add such a skilled player to the system for nothing but money. Tkachev has had a great pre-season run with the Oilers and has certainly earned the 3 year deal which will likely keep the player in the system for the next 5 seasons as he is eligible to return to Jr for 2 more years.

Of course many will point out that Tkachev is a long shot to ever make the NHL because of his size alone and to be honest I completely agree. He’ll definitely need to beef up if he ever stands a chance to play in the NHL but I love that the Oilers are giving him the opportunity. He certainly adds a lot of skill to the system and even if he never plays an NHL game there is value having him play along side other prospects to help their game. The fact that Bogdam Yakimov is in the conversation to make the team out of camp this season has a lot to due with having Tkachev on his wing for a large portion of the camp.

The Details

Tkachev will receive $550k in year 1, $575k in year 2, and $600k in year 3 along with a $55k signing bonus each season.

This is a great day for the Oilers and a great day for Vladdy Hockey!

Oilers sign Fayne and Pouliot

As per the Oilers official twitter:

The Mark Fayne deal is 4yrs $14M with a cap hit of 3.5M and the Benoit Pouliot deal is 5 yrs $20M with a cap hit of $4M.

I’m quite happy with these signings, we know that the Oilers have to offer either more money or more term to convince a UFA to come to Edmonton. Its nice to see the team get a couple of guys who have good possession numbers.

Oilers Get Their Man

The Oilers signed defenceman Nikita Nikitin this morning to a 2yr contract at 4.5M per year. The dollars are a tad high for a guy who played 3rd pairing minutes last year in Columbus but the Oilers had to pay for that short term. I’m sure Nikitin was probably looking for a 4-6 year term in the 3.5M to 4M range but the Oilers were looking to add a bridge player to give Nurse 2 more seasons to develop before making the jump to the NHL.

The Good

Nikitin looks like a good candidate to play along side Justin Shultz which should make a solid 2nd pairing playing some sheltered minutes. He’s a real NHL defenceman with experience who has shown success in the past playing against tough competition and he’s only 28yrs old. He really does fill a hole on the team and will push Nurse back to Jr this year.

The Bad

A pretty big overpayment at 4.5M per season and even though the Oilers do have the cap room to sign the deal I worry about how this contract will affect the negotiations with Petry and Shultz or another UFA defenceman (Stralman).

On the bright side Nikitin should slot in on the 2nd pairing and only makes $900k more than the Oilers were paying Nick Shultz last season.

Oilers sign Scrivens to 2yr Contract Extension

This is truly good news. Scrivens has improved each year he’s played in the NHL and in his time with the Oilers he’s proved that his numbers in LA are no fluke. Since the Oilers acquired Scrivens from LA for a third-round draft pick he has posted a .940 save percentage and a 2.15 goals against average in seven games.

The deal will pay Scrivens 2.3 million per season and give him the opportunity to prove that he has the stuff to be an NHL starter.

The problem though that the Oilers face is that they really do need to bring in another goal tender who can push Scrivens and challenge for that number one job.  I’ve been impressed with Bryzgalov’s play lately and wouldn’t be surprised or upset for that matter if the Oilers also signed the veteran to an extension.

In other new Mark Arcobello has been named player of the week in the AHL and I think we can expect to see him in an Oilers uniform very shortly.  There could be 2 or 3 forwards moved out of town in the next couple of days which will give Arcobello a huge opportunity to stick in the NHL.

Edmonton Oilers Trade Ladislav Smid and Sign UFA Ilya Bryzgalov

Craig Mactavish and the Edmonton Oilers made a couple of moves on friday in an attempt to improve the team. First the Oilers traded stay at home Defensmen Ladi Smid and AHL goalie Olivier Roy to the Calgary Flames for goalie prospect Laurent Brossoit and C Roman Horak. Mactavish followed up the trade with the UFA signing of goalie Ilya Bryzgalov to a 1yr 1.75M contract. Continue reading

Oilers 2013 UFA Signings

Coming into the off-season I identified the following as the key areas that Mact would need to improve the team:

  • Top 6 LW: 20pts – Mactavish will need to sign a legit top 6 forward with NHL experience who has size, grit and skill to get full points.
  • 3rd Line Center:15pts – To get full points here MacT will need to land a big 2-way center who can win faceoffs, kill penalties and provide secondary scoring
  • Size in the bottom 6: 15pts – The Oilers need 2 or 3 bottom 6 wingers who can contribute secondary 5×5 scoring. Grit and size recommended.
  • Top 4 D-man: 20pts – With NHL experience so Belov doesn’t count. Full points for a big D-man under the age of 30 with NHL experience who is a good skater and can move the puck.
  • Top 6 D-man: 15pts – Top 6 D-man with size.
  • Backup Goalie: 15pts – Full points for a goalie with NHL experience who can push Dubnyk

I hear a lot of fans being critical of some of the moves Mact has made but I’m actually very impressed so far. He’s obviously paying attention to advanced stats and has made some low risk/high reward type signings which I’m a huge fan of. Lets take a look at what he’s done. Continue reading

Edmonton Oilers Sign Anton Belov

The Edmonton Oilers anounced today that they have signed 6’4, 219 pound defenceman Anton Belov to a one year entry level contract.

We can expect Belov to start in the top 6 next season and possibly see top 4 minutes throughout the season. He’s described as an excellent skater who can control the offensive game with his passing and hard shot but needs work on his defensive game. Continue reading