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Oilers Trade Davidson to Habs for Desharnais

Its a sad day!

Its a sad day because Davidson is a good young defensemen in a very cap friendly situation in Edmonton and they have traded him for a rental. But there’s is more to it than that. This trade actually makes sense. ¬†Davidson would most likely not have been protected in the upcoming expansion draft so the Oilers would have lost him for nothing, instead they flip him for David Desharnais who is a veteran with a history of pretty respectable offense and face-off acumen.

Desharnais is 30 years old and a bit undersized at 5’7″ and 171lbs but he has a 50.4% shooting percentage in his career and fills a major need for the Oilers at 3C. I don’t think he’ll ever hit the 60pts he had in 2011/12 again or even the 52 he had in 2013/14 but he’s shown he can provide secondary scoring and could be auditioning for a new contract. ¬†Desharnais has also played in 38 playoff games which could be a real benefit for such a young inexperienced team as the Oilers.


Welcome to Edmonton David.

Good luck in Montreal Brandon!

Meaningful Games

Meaningful games in December. Yes it’s true. The Oilers who are now winners of 5 in a row find themselves just one point short of a playoff spot. Yes, that’s true too.

The Oilers really haven’t played a game that matters after the month of November in, well I can’t remember when to be honest with you. The Pacific division is terrible, but that’s fine when it comes to where our team sits in the standings. If the old rule for making the playoffs still applied only 2 teams from the Pacific would currently be in a playoff spot. Los Angeles and Vancouver. Thanks to NHL for these rule changes, the Oilers have a chance.

All of this while the team is missing 3 of their top 6 forwards, Benoit Pouliot, Nail Yakupov and young phenom Connor McDavid haven’t played in ages and it appears only Pouliot is getting close to returning.
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The Cost of Todd McLellan

The Oilers announced today the hiring of Todd McLellan who most recently coached team Canada to the gold metal at the Mens World Hockey Championships and prior to that coached the San Jose Sharks for 7 seasons. The hiring does come at a price however as San Jose has the right and apparently is going to exercise that right to receive a 3rd draft pick from the Oilers as compensation. Even though San Jose fired McLellan at the end of the regular season he has one year left on his contract which gives the team the right to compensation. As far as I understand it the Oilers have the ability to wait up to 3 years to give up the pick.

Honestly this rule makes little sense to me, if San Jose fired the coach they shouldn’t have any right to claim compensation if the coach signs with another team.
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