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Published Jul 10, 2022

Reid Schaefer Highlights

If you want to skip reading about Reid and go to the highlights just scroll to the bottom of the article. There is a bit of controversy around the Oilers picking Reid Schaefer with the 32nd overall pick, he's an older prospect so one could fairly expect more offense and some draft rankings had him well below where the Oilers picked him.

Scott Wheeler from the Athletic ranked Schaefer 83rd and had this to say about him in his pre-draft rankings:

He was nearly eligible for last year’s draft, his data starts to soften you when you consider his age though, and I’d bet he tops out as a role player, which would probably mean I’d steer clear in the range where he’ll now be picked. He’s a decent prospect but there’s a little bit of shiny new toy syndrome happening, I think.

He had some nice things to say about Schaefer as well so I recommend reading his full rankings.

Corey Pronman was quite a bit higher on Schaefer and in his final draft rankings had Schaefer at 16th overall.

He’s never historically been a big scorer, but his puck game and playmaking kept impressing me as the season went along and his role elevated. He looks like a future middle-six power winger with the potential to play high in a lineup if he really hits.

Pronman projects Schaefer to be a middle of the lineup player and lists his comparable as Alex Killorn.

What We Know

He's 6'3", weights 213lbs and uses his size well. He kills penalties and while a bit shy offensively he may be a late bloomer and did enough throughout the season to impress Pronman and the Oilers.




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